Tropical Cyclone Idai theWeather Club Wed, 20/03/2019 - 11:46

Parts of southern Africa have been devastated by Cyclone Idai over the last week. The tropical storm has been described as the worst weather-related disaster to hit the southern hemisphere, with over 2 million people affected by extreme widespread flooding.

Qikiqtaruk – climate change under our feet

July 2015, Qikiqtaruk – Herschel Island, Canadian Arctic: I am dressed in full waterproofs yet somehow still sopping wet, sampling vegetation on a coastal floodplain, shivering and wondering whether my friends were luckier with the weather back in Edinburgh (probably not). What wouldn’t you do to get some data for your PhD!

UK Winter Scores 20 °C Daily Maximum for the First Time

The Met Office has announced its analysis of UK weather observations for the winter, and its been a record breaker.  Meteorological winter runs from 1 December to the end of February, and this one featured a daily maximum temperature of 20 °C for the first time since records began, in 1910. The warmest day was recorded in Kew Gardens in London on 26 February with a temperature of 21.2 °C. 

Impacts of a warming Europe

The European continent has a very rich culture and unique landscapes and climate. The climate is driven by the Gulf Stream, which makes it milder and wetter in comparison to other regions at similar latitudes. Everyone, who has traveled through Europe knows that landscape and culture change greatly even over small distances. Climate change is likely to impact the economies of European countries, both in positive and negative ways. How will warming affect tourism in summer and winter? Will some of the warming reduce demand for electricity?

Tornadoes in the United States are increasing in power

Tornadoes are the most violent of atmospheric storms with wind speeds exceeding 120 m/s. A tornado consists of a rotating column of air reaching from a thunderstorm cloud all the way to the ground. When a tornado develops a condensation funnel of water droplets and debris it becomes visible to the human eye like in the photo below. As opposed to hurricanes, tornadoes are occurring on a much smaller scale with shorter lifetimes and travel distances. Yet, they can be very destructive.

Why Germans are so crazy about Cornwall

“Why Germans are so crazy about Cornwall”. This is what I asked myself, even though I am German and I should naturally know. When I moved to Cornwall, my family and friends were amazed: “You are moving to Cornwall? How beautiful”. They admired me for that decision and I felt that I must be moving to a very special place. A co-worker told me that he had been on holiday to Cornwall in his campervan and that it was absolutely gorgeous.