Weather Photographer of the Year 2019 – Competition Launched!

Photo by Stephen Cheatley, winner of last year's competition.

Calling for entries from all photographers worldwide, professional or amateur, RMetS is looking for the best images depicting weather in its widest sense. This could range from weather phenomena such as clouds, lightning, rain, fog or snow through to the impact of weather on humans, cities and the natural landscape. The competition calls for stunning images, dramatic in what they depict or because of the story they tell of the impact of weather.

Marine heatwaves put biodiversity under threat

Heatwaves do not only occur on land, but also inside the ocean. Marine heatwaves are defined as periods of prolonged anomalously high sea surface temperatures compared to the local 30-year long record. Although the occurrence of these events has been observed locally, researchers in recent years looked at this phenomenon at the global scale.

Study examines Arctic communities’ access to ice land and water theWeather Club Tue, 02/04/2019 - 09:43

Traveling across sea ice (Photo provided by courtesy of Kyra St. Pierre)


Climate Negotiations Resource

On 20 March, 25 students from five schools in the central belt of Scotland took part in a simulation of a World Climate Change conference.  The simulation was based on the Society's Climate Change Negotiations for Schools Resource. The event was organised by Keep Scotland Beautiful and supported by the Royal Meteorological Society's Sylvia Knight and Caroline Coch.