Weather review - Spring 2018

Weather review - Spring 2018

Wed, 27/06/2018 - 13:14
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The weather story for spring 2018 is an extremely varied one. Temperatures in March and early April were below average across the country with some short spells of cold wintery weather. The UK monthly mean temperature was 1.6 °C below average for March. Weather systems during this time were predominantly coming from the west with only brief spells of settled conditions. Early spring was also wetter than average and the UK experienced 110% of its average monthly rainfall in March with most of the UK experiencing up to 119% of the average monthly rainfall in April. Sunshine totals were also lower than the monthly average for March and April at 83% and 90%.


weather map 1weather map 2

Figure 1&2 Spring 2018 - 1st March - 31st May

The week of warm weather during the third week of April raised the temperature for that month to above 1.0 °C. This warm weather was the main feature of weather in May 2018. The temperature was 1.7 °C above average and sunshine totals were 132% of average. The total rainfall for May across the UK was below average at 69%, however, due to the thunderstorms during the last week rainfall totals exceeded average in some parts. Easterly winds were a common feature in May bringing this dry and settled weather for most of the month.