theWeather Club is for a nation completely fascinated by the weather.

Being part of the club will allow you to be involved in a community of people for whom the weather is more than just something that happens outdoors, such as gardeners, walkers, outdoors sports enthusiasts, amateur meteorologists, or people who happen to have a close interest in the world around them. Run by the Royal Meteorological Society, a group of highly experienced meteorologists, the club provides a fantastic source of information about this most fascinating and topical of subjects.

theWeather Club has a particular emphasis on educating the public about weather and climate. During 2010, theWeather Club went on a Tour of Britain, visiting schools and public events promoting the Great British Weather Experiment 2010, where people of all ages could participate in one of the country's largest weather experiments to study the onset of autumn. Due to the overwhelming success of this experiment, theWeather Club ran the Great British Weather Experiment 2011, inviting schools and members of the public to take rainfall measurements during the summer after an exceptionally dry spring. Through attendance at educational events, theWeather Club has helped bring the world of weather to life for hundreds of children.

theWeather Club is full of interesting and educational content that captures the many faces of the weather – its beauty, its power, its occasional absurdity and its fragility in the face of human activity.

You can register to be part of theWeather Club and enjoy:

  • Full access to theWeather Club website
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  • Opportunities to participate in national activities, including the Great British Weather Experiment and competitions, and to speak to experts about the weather
  • A new quarterly newsletter full of weather news stories and short features

All this is offered absolutely free - all we need is for you to register with us online to ensure that you can keep up to date.