The Editors

Dr Juan Estrella-Martínez and Dr Sylvia Knight are the Editors of theWeather Club. Juan works at the Royal Meteorological Society as Interim Science Communicator and is responsible for the Society’s communications, including theWeather Club website and newsletter. Sylvia works at the Royal Meteorological Society as the Head of Education and is responsible for the Society's online weather courses and has produced countless teaching resources for MetLink.

Dr Estrella-Martínez and Dr Knight

Juan holds an MSc in Geological Oceanography from the University of Puerto Rico and a PhD in Ocean Sciences from Bangor University. He has previously held a number of support positions, which have involved research, teaching, educational outreach, public engagement and laboratory activities.

Sylvia holds a PhD from the University of Reading. She held various post-doctoral positions at Reading, Oxford and the Open University and was responsible for the communication and education aspects of the project.