My Weather

Frozen Ponds

I used to ask this question at job interviews.  All candidates were science graduates but on only a handful of occasions have I had answers that are close to the truth.  Most often the conversations went something like this.

Interviewer:  Why do ponds freeze from the top down?

Lt Cdr (SCC) Peter N Greenhalgh - celebrating his contributions to Meteorology

Lt Cdr (SCC) Peter N Greenhalgh MSc FRMetS MIOA MInstSCE RNR has stepped down from being the designated Subject Matter Expert in Meteorology for the Sea Cadets after 21 years in the role. The Sea Cadets are a national youth charity which helps to launch young people for life; Peter’s role was to oversee Meteorology within the Corps and to ensure that cadets are given the opportunity to study Meteorology.

60 Years of Weather Recording

Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society, John Goulding, explores 60 years of weather recording.

The first indication of an interest in the weather was after listening to a wintry weather forecast on the radio, and asking “Have we got any high ground in our garden, mummy?” The forthcoming snow was confined to the hills.....but a lifetime of amateur observing was beginning.

My Weather - Dr. Lindsay Bennett

I can date my fascination with the weather back to first watching storm chasing documentaries on TV at about age 14. I used to irritate my Geography teacher by always asking, “When are we going to learn about the weather?” I was particularly interested in the US scientists conducting tornado research, putting themselves right in the storm’s path to collect data with their state of the art mobile radar systems. Little did I know then that 12 years later I would be working with those same scientists and radars, and chasing storms myself!

Prof Liz Bentley, Chief Executive at the Royal Meteorological Society

In 2018, Prof Liz Bentley, Chief Executive at the Royal Meteorological Society and Founder of theWeather Club, celebrates a number of different anniversaries – she turned 50 in March, has been a meteorologist now for 25 years and has spent the last 10 years of her career at the Royal Meteorological Society. So it is a perfect opportunity to look back at what inspired Liz to become a meteorologist and her career to date.

Gordon Tripp - the Weatherman

Gordon Tripp is the author of The Weathermen*, a laypersons guide that covers 2,000 years, exploring the many strands that tell the story of weather history – recording instruments, charts, wind circulation, weather diaries, jet streams and so on. The book also documents the lives of over 100 men whose biographies provide the signposts along the way. These were essentially men of their times, be that of The Enlightenment, the Crimean War, the days of the British Empire or of two World Wars.

Head in the Clouds

Dr Jo Elworthy is Director of Interpretation at the Eden Project. Jo has worked at Eden since its inception and is dedicated to sharing the amazing workings of our planet Earth with Eden’s visitors: ‘Visiting the rainforest and experiencing weather and finding out about the relationship between rainforests and climate first hand can help transform our understanding of our world and how we interact with it.’ Here, Jo takes us on a journey to ‘The Weather Maker’ in the Rainforest Biome at the Eden Project.