Heading west: An Exeter experience and a whirlwind of Welsh

Heading west: An Exeter experience and a whirlwind of Welsh

Thu, 16/09/2010 - 13:35
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We travelled to Exeter yesterday evening so that we could have an early start at the Met Office today. The weather on route from Southampton was appalling – torrential rain and strong winds along the A35 coast road. The large roadside puddles were making it difficult to drive and with a stretch of the A35 closed and diversion inland along B roads didn't help the journey. So when we arrived in Exeter at 9:30pm we all crashed out.

Wednesday morning started with bright blue skies and not a cloud in sight. The wind had dropped and it felt pleasantly warm in the sunshine. It was almost as if the Met Office knew we were coming and had magically turned off the rain and turned on the sunshine. We also had a surprise visit from Mark Byford the BBC Director General who visiting the Met Office too. But no time to stay and enjoy the hospitality as we were on the road again on heading to Cardiff.

We were on route to Pencae Primary school in Llandaff, Cardiff – a Welsh speaking school who were participating in the Great British Weather Experiment. ITV Wales joined in the fun, as did the Welsh equivalent of Newsround with everything filmed in Welsh – so no quote from me then! I popped into the BBC Wales studios in Llandaff to do a feature on the Roy Noble show. I'd never met Roy before or listened to any of his shows – he's hilarious and it was a really fun interview to do.

Click here to follow Dr Liz, Rachael and Daphne on a live webcam feed which records the weather as they go.