River Seine reaches peak in French flooding

River Seine reaches peak in French flooding

Tue, 30/01/2018 - 13:57
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The River Seine in Paris rose to four metres above its normal water level for the time of year, peaking at 5.84 m on Monday 29th January.

This was due to weeks of the heaviest rainfall in decades, with the country receiving almost double its typical rainfall for January. Paris received 167.4 mm through the first 28 days of January.

More than 240 French towns have been affected by the floodwater. Around 1,500 people have been evacuated from their homes in the greater Paris region, whilst others remain without electricity. Railways and roads have also been effected by the flooding. The water is expected to start receding later in the week.

This year's floods, however, are not as bad as those experienced in 2016, when water levels reached 6.1 meters, or 1910, when water levels reached 8.62 m and the city was submerged for two months.