Marine heatwaves put biodiversity under threat theWeather Club Tue, 09/04/2019 - 11:02

Heatwaves do not only occur on land, but also inside the ocean. Marine heatwaves are defined as periods of prolonged anomalously high sea surface temperatures compared to the local 30-year long record. Although the occurrence of these events has been observed locally, researchers in recent years looked at this phenomenon at the global scale.

High risk of 'unprecedented' winter rainfall - 2017 theWeather Club Tue, 25/07/2017 - 15:16

The last few years have seen several rainfall events cause widespread flooding in the UK, such as the extensive flooding in winter 2013/14 when the heaviest rainfall in 100 years fell in southern England and the Midlands, and flooding in the north-west as a result of Storm Desmond in December 2015.  

'Ice lollies' found in UK clouds

Clouds aren’t typically associated with ice lollies, but rather sunshine – until now. Researchers from Manchester University have found ice lolly-shaped icicles in cloud systems over the UK and the North Atlantic.

The ice formations – which are the shape of a stick attached to a large spherical head – were found in large concentrations during a research flight over the northeast Atlantic Ocean in 2016, and previously in southwest UK in 2009.