weather review

Exceptional July 2019

Data from the World Meteorological Organization and the Copernicus Climate Change Programme indicates that the global mean temperature for July this year matched and possibly slightly exceeded the record for the hottest month on record. 2016 held the previous record for July, but was impacted by a strong occurrence of the El Niño phenomenon, which contributed to the exceptionally high temperatures.

UK Weather Review: June 2017

June began largely unsettled with significant rainfall across most parts of the UK. High pressure began to build after the 10th for England and Wales whilst Scotland continued to experience occasional wet weather as weather fronts moved north around the high pressure system. From the middle of the month exceptionally warm air was drawn up from the south with somewhere in the UK exceeding 30°C from 17th to 21st June – the first time this has happened in June since 1995. 34.5°C was recorded at Heathrow Airport on 21st which was the highest June temperature since 1976.

World Weather Review: June 2017

In Arizona, USA, an ongoing heat wave has seen some of the highest temperatures ever recorded. Temperatures in Death Valley reached 54°C and flights to Phoenix were cancelled when airport temperatures reached 48°C. The heat wave has led to wild fires.

High temperatures across southern Europe have also caused problems – Portugal and Spain in particular have been tackling forest fires to which they were vulnerable after a dry winter and spring.