Weather Review

Sting Jets

What is a sting jet?

A sting jet is an isolated area of particularly strong and damaging wind. A jet of fast-moving, cold, dry air descends from higher in the atmosphere, accelerating as it descends and hits the ground near the centre of the depression.

Weather around the World

We are truly a global community at the moment, watching COVID-19 numbers rise and fall, whilst largely confined to our own localities - but what is the weather like elsewhere?


There is a big area of high pressure dominating the weather across Europe at the moment, so things from the UK across into Italy and Croatia are looking fine and settled with plenty of sunshine. 

2019 - A summer to remember

In our last weather review we mentioned that June had been quite cool and wet. We posed the question whether June 2019 would beat the record for wettest June for the UK. Looking back and checking the statistics from the Met Office we can say the answer is a resounding “No.” The wettest June record for the UK is still held by 2012. The Met Office statistics show that the total precipitation for June 2012 was 149.0 mm, almost exactly double the average amount for the years 1981-2010 (71.1 mm).

UK Winter Scores 20 °C Daily Maximum for the First Time

The Met Office has announced its analysis of UK weather observations for the winter, and its been a record breaker.  Meteorological winter runs from 1 December to the end of February, and this one featured a daily maximum temperature of 20 °C for the first time since records began, in 1910. The warmest day was recorded in Kew Gardens in London on 26 February with a temperature of 21.2 °C. 

Weather around the World - October 2018

With August and September being the peak months for Tropical Cyclones in the North Atlantic (Hurricanes), eastern North Pacific (hurricanes) and western North Pacific (typhoons), there have been a number of storms recently. Of these, Florence, a Category 4 Hurricane, and Mangkhut , a Category 5-equivalent Super Typhoon, have been the most powerful.