Are you a weather photography enthusiast? Enter Europhotometeo 2020

If seeing the winning photographs from this year’s Weather Photographer of the Year competition have stimulated you into taking your own photos, then why not enter the European Meteorological Society’s Europhotometeo 2020?

Entries open for Europhotometeo 2020

Some important dates to bear in mind for the competition include:

Rainclouds and carved pumpkins, Part 2 – Where is the driest place in Scotland and Northern Ireland at Halloween?

But how about Scotland and Northern Ireland? Well, grab your broom and cauldron, because we’re doing another flyby to the Met Office Hadley Centre to see what the data says. This time we’ll look at four different regions:

Weather Photographer of the Year 2019

Image above by Weather Photographer of the Year 2019 Overall Winner - Gareth Mon Jones - Above My Expectations - Temperature Inversion / Cloud Inversion in Snowdonia at dawn 

We are delighted to announce the Weather Photographer of the Year Winners and Runners up.  

This year we had a really exceptional selection of photographs. 

Winners 18 years and above: 
Weather Photographer of the Year 2019, Overall Winner - £500 cash plus GoPro HERO7 plus RMetS membership for the year - Gareth Mon Jones