On the road: Early starts, Eammon Holmes and some very young meteorologists

On the road: Early starts, Eammon Holmes and some very young meteorologists

Wed, 15/09/2010 - 13:50
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The Great British Weather Experiment got into full swing today with the start of our tour around Britain in Daphne, the VW campervan. Daphne is becoming more famous than theWeather Club, as people admire her sleek blue interior and ask me about the size of her engine. Who can complain, though, as she glides us from one location to next, as we visit 16 cities in the next 8 days.

It was an early start for Daphne and I, as we headed off to the Sky News studios for a 6:45 slot on Sunrise with Eamonn Holmes. It was lovely to catch up with Isobel Lang but no time to stay and chat, as there's Sky News radio to do before Daphne and I head off round the North Circular to Hampstead.

Year 5 at Hampstead Parochial C.E. Primary School were a dream to work with. And by the time the BBC Newsround team appeared in the playground, the kids had taken over the weather experiments and were briefing the film crew on the Great British Weather Experiment while I had a quick cup of tea!

Daphne and I were on the road again heading down the M3 to Southampton. We arrived at Ocean Village and parked up alongside the marina – a lovely setting and a perfect spot to make some weather observations. Simon Parkin from Meridian TV came along to film us – if you are as old as me, you'll remember Simon as a children's presenter on the BBC and he hasn't changed a bit.

The weather was been kind for us in both London and Southampton – if you like a brisk wind, a few spots of rain and a slight chill in the air. It gave us lots to talk about with the different people we met – but then that's what theWeather Club is all about.

Click here to follow Dr Liz, Rachael and Daphne on a live webcam feed which records the weather as they go.