Weather around the World - October 2018

Weather around the World - October 2018

Wed, 10/10/2018 - 09:36
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With August and September being the peak months for Tropical Cyclones in the North Atlantic (Hurricanes), eastern North Pacific (hurricanes) and western North Pacific (typhoons), there have been a number of storms recently. Of these, Florence, a Category 4 Hurricane, and Mangkhut , a Category 5-equivalent Super Typhoon, have been the most powerful.

Meanwhile in the Mediterranean, a so-called ‘Medicane’ developed in the last few days of September, causing 56mph winds and intense rainfall which led to deaths across Tunisia, Greece and Turkey. Medicanes are intense storms in the Mediterranean which are very like tropical cyclones but about which much less is known. Like hurricanes, Medicanes have a cloud free ‘eye’, and produce heavy rain and strong winds, sometimes reaching the strength of a category 1 hurricane. As they rarely make land fall, very little is known about the processes and structures of the storms, and they are not usually named or monitored.

ENSO conditions in the South Pacific are currently near neutral, but there is an up to 70% chance of an El Niño developing towards the end of the year.

The Indian Summer Monsoon typically retreats from early September – you can follow its progress at

In Europe, the early summer was dominated by unusually High pressure over Scandinavia but has recently become more typically autumnal and varied. For regular updates about weather events in Europe, I recommend following ‘severe weather Europe’ on Facebook.