Weather Watch

Saharan Dust and Heart Failure

A new study published in 2020 in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, has highlighted just how serious dust storms can be for those living within the Earth’s dust belt. 
The majority of the Earth’s dust originates in the desert zones of North Africa, the Middle East and China, with the Sahara desert producing about half of the global annual mineral dust. 

A Change in the Weather?

The last few months have been strangely mild across the UK. Temperatures in December and January were well above average and people have been asking "what happened to winter?". Elsewhere in Europe, the mild weather is even more pronounced, with temperatures in Finland about 10°C higher than usual and new high temperature records being set in St. Petersburg and Norway respectively.

High Pressure, Poor TV Reception and Viking Colonisation

Despite the current quiet weather conditions, people have been complaining about their TV reception. The internet is awash with people grumbling that their Freeview picture is freezing, breaking up, or in some cases, not working at all. People can understand when a severe storm interrupts their viewing pleasure, but the recent benign weather is causing a little more confusion. 

El Niño - Is it or Isn't It?

The waters in the Pacific Ocean have reached the temperature required by the US government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for an El Niño event, but an El Niño hasn’t been declared. What’s more, NOAA is saying the temperature will remain this high for the next few months, but confusingly it doesn’t expect an El Niño event to occur. El Nino is the warming of the surface water of the tropical Pacific Ocean, as detailed here.

Record Breaking weather in Norway

A New Year brings new records.
Just two days into 2020, a new high temperature record was set in Norway. In the small town of Sunndalsøra, the weather felt more like mid-summer than the bleak depths of winter, as temperatures soared to 19.0°C. This was the highest temperature ever recorded in January in Norway, beating the previous record of 17.9°C reported in Tafjord in 1989.

Floods, Bushfires and the Indian Ocean Dipole

The recent horrendous bush fires in Australia and the extensive flooding in East Africa are likely to have the same root cause – the Indian Ocean Dipole. We are currently seeing the strongest positive event that has been recorded in the last sixty years, but despite meddling with the world’s weather, the phenomenon is largely unheard of.

Weather Watch: When will it snow?

With temperatures in the UK today ranging from 13°C in Devon and Cornwall to 8°C in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland at 9am, wintry weather can feel a long way off so we thought we'd look at why it snows, when it snows and whether there is any on the horizon!

What are the requirements for snow?

There are three main requirements for snow, these are: